A Flower Blooms Wildly

“Mister I’ll make a man out of you!” taken directly from the song “A Man out of You” or “I’ll Make a Man out of You” in one of Disney’s most favorite animated movie, Mulan. One of the things you should probably take a hint about me is that I am all about rooting for a good show or watch where there’s a strong female lead. It’s just awesome how the shows portray them that they’re strong both inside and out, unlike those girls who sit by idly and watch as things come and go in front of their eyes. That’s why, call me crazy but, I’m a fanatic of animes where they uphold that genre for everyone to enjoy. One of them, which I’ll be talking about today, is called Kaichou Wa Maid Sama.

Introducing the heroine: Misaki Ayuzawa and the hero: Takumi Usui

Misaki Ayuzawa and Takumi Usui

Misaki, who’s not like most sophomore students of sixteen, already has her life prioritized and set to go as to what’s in store for her future. She’s the school’s student council president, an intelligent pupil who sought to protect the little percentage of female students in the school,  and is just a basic Renaissance woman. But even though she’s both looked up to by the girls and a scary image towards the boys, Misaki isn’t really who she seems to be in school because after schools, she also works as a maid cosplayer at her part time job, which is something that she doesn’t exactly want anyone to know.

That’s when the heartthrob Takumi appears in the scene. The rest of the anime is basically romance, the struggle to let the boy know her feelings, and so on and so forth. Why did I even bring this anime up in today’s topic? Well, as I previously mentioned, I fell in love with this anime when I first saw this because of Misaki; she had become my role model back then. To me, she represented a woman of strong figure and independence, one who doesn’t lean on any guy’s shoulder for help easily. In fact, she is indeed cold even towards Takumi even though he helps her during drastic times in the anime. But bringing back to the main point, Misaki to me became a symbolism of what women in today’s society should be and is now and always been since then despite the hold downs. We have a voice too, us women.

Okay, let me get to the main point of this.

I am truly tired of women being viewed as this delicate flower blooming beautifully in a polished vase, trimmed the thorns off from the stem, or as a bonsai tree carefully cared for and planted firmly in its own little area of a four sided object, always remaining the same small height rather than letting it grow tall. Aren’t women allowed to have their own weapons and status? Are we not allowed to be rough rather than soft? What is it about women that’s so looked down upon by men since the beginning of history? Society is dead wrong. The “women have to be all beautiful, unharmed and submissive” tradition, status quo, whatever one can call it, is long gone. This is the 21st century, where women are already on the rise against men in all aspects of society: from women equal rights movement to the high percentages of female students as college graduates to Hillary Clinton, who might become USA’s very first female president, abolishing the conservative line down to George Washington, where only male presidents dominated the portraits of presidency in the history books.

No, it doesn’t even have to be the 21st century or the 1900s or 1800s when women actually found their voices to stand up. You may be familiar with this internationally known figure who have fought side by side with the Chinese instead of bringing honor to her family by marrying someone. Yes, her name is Mulan. It’s said that in China, there was a practice that became mandatory for girls to do so; to bind their feet in order to keep a pair of small sized feet. Apparently, this was so that girls and women can remain beautiful in the men’s eyes. There just like so: a perfect China doll, flawless and fair with delicated features. But, that’s not how women are viewed anymore. Our lips are no longer sealed shut by the laws that bind us so.

“Mister I’ll make a man out of you.”- song lyric from the Disney movie Mulan

Flowers are blooming wildly against the crowded grassy meadow or a tightly packed garden perhaps. Women are taking back the trimmed thorns and the height that was cut away, to rise up even farther just as how a bonsai tree would’ve preferred it. Not to only be viewed by a man at a lower height. But to show everyone that this is who women are now. Though risks are taken to drastic measures just so we can stand for what we believe in against the men who are holding us back, it’s all worth it because this changes their views. I don’t want to be the one crying anymore or getting hurt by a guy or depend on a guy even. I want to be like Misaki, an independent lady of strong yet slightly stubborn character. Or even Mulan who, arguably could be the only brave and courageous example of a Disney female character.  Women are indeed, in this century, back then, and will continue on to be, the flowers blooming wildly.

And I truly hope that it remains that way till the future.


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