What if you died right now, at this very moment? What if someone you knew died? Would you be happy of all the accomplishments in your life, or would you be disappointed that you didn’t do better? Would you regret not helping or trying to smooth out the relationship with that person you knew? Saddened … More Problems

Can You See Them?

Can You See Them? It’s been a long time since I last heard her voice- “Hey, wait for me!” she would say. She smiled at me as she always would have done every morning, exactly 6:30 AM whenever I stood by the intersection to cross. I turned around, awkwardly give her a smile back, which … More Can You See Them?

Take the Risk

During the summer of 2013, I was at one of the beautiful beaches in Thailand, stuck between making the decision of riding a parasail for the first time in my life. Parasailing is similar to parachuting but over water with a boat towing you along. Trust me― it was scary. Scarier than the time I had to go up … More Take the Risk