6341039050_63b91ca594_bWhat if you died right now, at this very moment? What if someone you knew died?

Would you be happy of all the accomplishments in your life, or would you be disappointed that you didn’t do better? Would you regret not helping or trying to smooth out the relationship with that person you knew? Saddened that you couldn’t do anything to help?

But we’re only teenagers, aren’t we? We each all have a life ahead of us. Why not just wait it out to be happy? Why not wait until later to try to be in good terms with people? Basically, postponing our problems or waiting it out until they disappear… until relationships with people who used to matter so much to us dissolve until they’re a nudge in the back of your mind.

There are so many problems that seem to take over our lives. It feels like (from what I’ve experienced) it’s so difficult to be and stay happy, before our problems dominate our lives again. For example, it could be because of personal and family issues, a busy schedule and not able to do what you want, or worrying and getting really nervous about doing a presentation whilst trying to make it memorable.

Okay, let’s take a step back. What was one time you were at your happiest?

Nearly a year ago, I was about to go on a retreat for the first time for Confirmation class. Beforehand, I was extremely nervous and didn’t think that it was going to be fun. But during the entire weekend, I was lighthearted and laughing and having one of the best times of my life. Near the end of the retreat, I didn’t want to leave. Experiencing things is different than thinking about what the outcome would be. I was extremely happy for months to come, and that event was life changing for me.

There is always something that can make you happy, whether a person, thing, event, or thought. Something that motivates you to do the things you have to do.

I don’t want to be that person that says that you shouldn’t take everything for granted, but you should be grateful for the things that you have. Don’t push away your needs and problems away for someone else, but at the same time try to be welcoming and nice to people. Trust me- making someone truly happy, even if for a couple of seconds, would make your day and life so much better. So go out and change the world.


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