Noticing: A Different Dimension


What is there everyday in our lives, but we fail to notice? Maybe it crossed our minds. Or we overlook them and don’t look twice.

There is a bubble gum machine labelled “Idea Dispenser” in my English class. There are origami cranes of different colors taped to the side of a bookshelf in my Japanese class. There are also several pictures of parrots taped onto the walls in Japanese.

Noticing takes you to a different dimension. It opens you to this world that has actually always been in front of you this entire time. You get to explore the little but weird side of people once you start noticing things. Questioning things…

One time during Confirmation class, my teacher said that you never know what’s happening to people. Like at mass. There’s a lot of people. And you don’t know what’s happening to most of them. What actually is going on in their lives. Someone could’ve recently be going through a divorce while someone else was getting married. Someone could be going through depression and thinking that they’re useless while someone just had the best day of their life. Someone could be going through a lot of stress and pressure while someone else is on vacation, fully relaxed and happy. This lesson tied up with judging and being judgmental. There has been several “first-glance moments” when I thought someone was something else due to their look, until I actually came to know them. There are more to people than a glance at their physical appearances.


Another time, my English teacher mentioned that nearly everything has to do with patterns. Think about it. Isn’t school mostly about figuring out patterns? I’m not talking just about daily routines and what day of the week to wear what. I’m talking about the school subjects. Math has to do with countless numbers and equations and graphs. They all follow a specific pattern—specific steps for the answer to be determined. What about a language class? There are patterns for sentences. Which order the sentences go and where to put each word within the sentence. For P.E., we practice how to throw, catch, or hit for that specific sport. And then we eventually play the game. And then we start again: learning the fundamentals and then actually playing the sport. And English, there are specific ways to write sentences and essays. Reading, analyzing, writing, editing. (And whilst going through these thoughts, there was a question in my head that popped up. If there were no patterns, if patterns never existed, what would we being doing right now? Patterns tie in with everything… doesn’t it? Or maybe the nonexistence of patterns is the most absurd thought ever. Conferring to the fact that everything is based upon it and it is everywhere.)

What about how the internet was created? How did someone think to create something like that, something that cannot be seen nor touched and still create a network and have computers from opposite ends of the world connect together? This is a common question, but it’s amazing taking a step back and asking Why?

Why is school the way it is? Elementary school prepares you for middle school. Middle school prepares you for high school. And high school prepares you for college. But like Mr. T says, Why don’t we start preparing for life now? The outside world? Why do students stress out about school having to deal with piles of homework and tests when they could be taught how to have good communication skills, how to pay taxes, how the real world works?

But yet, when we question these things, it’s like coming into a loophole and asking ourselves questions about problems that cannot be fixed as if we could fix them. Like why is there evil in the world? Why are there criminals? Why would anybody ever do this? Or why would anybody ever do that? Et cetera, et cetera…

Alas, these are just the one of the million random thoughts that run through my head each day. I’ve realized that I tried too hard to make my writing good enough, but never focusing on the ideas and whether they were good at all. My previous blogs were mush (sorry about that!), but I’m trying to try to talk about things that I’m passionate about. Notice and focus on the things that I’m passionate about. All in all, notice the world around you. You’ll be surprised to notice the weird but overlooked things that surrounds you on a daily basis.



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