The Sky.

The Sky’s the Limit

Have you noticed something lately? Something different that’s occurring right now while you’re reading this? If you haven’t been noticing it, you are in danger. Really. You are. They are coming for you and when they find you, the chances of you ever seeing the sky again are undeniably, unmistakably gone. So that’s why you. Yeah you, the reader. What I need you to do now is to be calm, take away your distractions and focus all your attention into this picture I’m about to show you.


Isn’t that just breathtakingly beautiful? The clouds and how they seem to stretch ever so far from the shore to the other side of the world, and we can only tell so much or wonder as to what is there yet to be seen that only the clouds could ever see. Brightening, brightening, brightening, as this sky changes to a bright new day. New day transition from dawn, dawn from the midnight, this is what they want; to counterclockwise the world’s mechanism, turning, turning, and turning the wheels backwards, back to where you had just woken up and getting ready for your day.

They know what you do the first thing in the morning other than eating, putting on clothes, and readying your things. They consider it as their enemy and are now striking back; they want you to notice them. They, who’ve been watching over you since the beginning of time and even before that, want you to see them. They, who you have always been ignoring, are now getting impatient.

Notice. Look around. But no. The first mistake our civilization has always repeated since the advancement of technology was staring down at our revolutionized phones. Back in my day when I was in the Philippines, my very first phone was Nokia with that one game with the snake trying to eat that one dot on your screen and it keeps growing longer. Yeah that was my very first phone and it was only used for emergency purposes because our mother always would leave for work and it would be me and my younger sister alone in the house till late. And here is the best part about where I live. Unlike here in California, there are a million of stars every night scattered across the sky like shattered glass. I would always try to connect them as a child and we had a balcony at the time so it was pretty cool.


The sky with the stars is missed dearly. I miss looking up and wondering where else am I able to connect the stars with.

But now that I’m in California, I was absorbed in technology, watching TV, watching on my computer, becoming more uninterested with the outside world, interacting less. I was dwindling pretty much. And I only started becoming in love with the sky this year. Fully, truly, and absorbed.

Did you know that in the morning, really early maybe around six AM, I would see the sky to my left faint orange and pink, but in the right it’s dark blue? And up straight ahead in the sky, there’s the moon still. The moon, not fully round, but still was ominous and greeting me to start a new day. It won’t disappear and I sometimes thought why. People notice the moon but not really speculate upon it more. I notice it. Then my eyes are glued upon it, wondering why it’s still there. They want you to see it. They do. It’s there for a reason. It has to have a reason. You just have to figure out what it is.


At daytime, while you’re going to your class, it’s best if you look up once more rather than at your phone or your books or even where you’re going. Look. See. What do you see? Not the people since you see them every day anyways, not the buildings, the tables, the lockers, or even your crush. Look. See. What do you see? I see clouds.

Heavy, delightful, cotton clouds that I’ll bet are full of fluff if I was to touch it with my own fingertips. You know those moments when you’re feeling down because you got a bad score on your test and then you just have to have to look up and breathe in, preventing your tears to flow out of your eyes? Yeah that. I’m not a genius person, nor am I an organized person. My life has been filled with ups and downs, and math is a constant battle for me. But everytime I look up, I would always wish that there are clouds because when I look up, the sky seems to be swallowing me, drowning me, as if I’m swimming in it and could never get back up. Hypnotized, I stare. I admire. I fall in love. Fall, fall, fall. Soon my worries would begin to wither away, I start to see positivity, my eyes widen.


They want you to notice these things. They do. If those things are remained unnoticed, then what is there to look forward to in your life besides the usual schedule? Look. See. What do you see?


I notice the sky. And that’s what they want you to notice. They, who’ve surrounded us; they, who’ve always been there with us; they, the things that grow and you just never see.


Look. See. What do you see?


Quick. Before they come after you.



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