“What a Merciless World We Live in…

Attack on Titan Quote Mikasa

Let’s put it this way: you and I are bound to live in a harsh reality, yet blinded with illusion for the sake of sanity. That’s what life is. Each time a person awakens to a new day, it’s only instinctively to live and obey the rules as they were told to everyone. He is told what to do in the end, no matter whether he opens his eyes and sees what he wants to see or exposes his skin to feel what he wants to feel.

Life, in the end, is a competition.

Mikasa Dead

It’s either go hard or go home. In truth, you and I are alone. This so-called teamwork is just something to reassure you along the way that we’re going to be fine as long as we’re together. You will see that it’s always every man for himself if you want to stand somewhere in the top as years come.

Even though you tell yourself that’s not true and that you have people who are your friends, then ask yourself…

“Can I not be able to turn this whole thing around and use them instead for my personal gain?”

The world is cruel. Everyone is a backstabber, a traitor within their souls. You will see it in their eyes.

In the end, they will all leave.

Society has created a program that holds each and everyone of us vulnerable out in the cold to see how we are able to live our younger years till the end of our teens. Then that’s how it all started: the bond. We believed that by standing together as a union we could overcome no matter what stands in our way and be able to live through till the end. But that’s not true. They’re going to break us apart, break that bond that made us all strong, and test us once more in a whole new environment just by ourselves. And this time, there is a goal to reach to get out of this madness.

That goal is the exit. We are being played at like chess pieces and controlled like puppets with strings. They know now what our weaknesses are. They’ve analyzed us. So out of nowhere, we are then forced to do things that will, in the end, show us what life really is.

It’s not about relying on friendship, listening to reassurances, nor taking shortcuts. It’s about facing those obstacles individually and using whatever means to get to that goal.

Eren Yeager Quote

Life is all about sacrifices. The biggest sacrifice a person can commit is the ability to cast away their indulgences for the sake of achieving whatever it is they want to achieve in their lives. This will then create a benefit for their future, which is to be able to live a stable life. Even though adults and higher uppers soothe you that as long as you do your best and fight on, you will always see the individual grades in front of you that determine your fate, the rejected proposition you presented in the meeting by your boss, and letter that states you are fired. It’s like a slap on the face with the back of the hand. It’s that harsh. Being brought into this world was not your idea, yet since birth, we were all made to compete, sacrifice, and show other people that as an individual, we don’t wait for anyone.

A perfect example of this would be from the book I finished for my English class called Siddhartha and in the beginning of the story, he was described as this perfect, handsome, smart guy whom everyone admired even his friend Govinda.

“When someone seeks,” said Siddhartha, “then it easily happens that his eyes see only the thing that he seeks, and that he is able to find nothing, to take in nothing because he always thinks only about the thing he is seeking, because he only has one goal, because he is obsessed with his goal.”

In the end, all of us only have that one goal to reach. We sacrifice the distractions for the sake of that goal and think of nothing else because that’s our ticket to surviving adulthood and leaving our childhood behind. If we want to succeed, then we have to fight for ourselves.

After finishing the book, we transitioned to watching the Seven Samurai, which undoubtedly taught us many life lessons that I believe are applicable to everyone once they see the movie. Life is all about competition, and as I previously said sacrifices.

Being broad on that word is the course I’ve taken when I presented this because there are two sides to it: it either benefits you, or drives you to your end. 

Seven Samurai Quote

Individually, we are alone to fend for ourselves because we can’t trust anyone. For the sake of achieving our purpose in life, which is to survive, we have to do it by ourselves and thinking of nothing else. Friendships don’t last and soothing words of being okay are useless, you know. In the end, society will make you vulnerable in all stages, continuing to test you and play with your lives. There won’t be a level where you and your friends will together as a team taking an entrance exam for college, taking a test together to pass a class, or receive the same GPA because you all worked as one. They’re all different, individually we all receive different grades.

For betterment, you and I have to strive on our own paces for success, for ourselves, to the point where the veil covering our eyes, the illusion, is ripped away, driving us towards madness and inescapable insanity.

Matsuo Basho (Haiku)

Shintoism is all about happiness and prosperity, a religion in Japan that’s often taken in a way of traditional means than actually taken upon as the former. As a high schooler, I believe that I am stuck between a crevice of childhood and adulthood. Society pushes me, my family pushes me towards the latter for that’s what life is. They say that once I find a career, a nice house, possibly a family of my own, then none of these things (school, homework, GPA) will ever matter. But it matters now and having honors plus responsibilities at home is very tough to balance in my point of view. So, reality has made me realize that no matter how many cries I let out, how much I suffer without sleep, no one will help me. An adult with a career who will talk to me about succeeding usually would give me a sense of hope that I still have a chance. But my grades, my GPA, my life overall has made me see that even if people do help me, all will come down to a single act and that is sacrifice. Even if it means losing friends, though I’ve already experienced that, sacrificing for the sake of the future is the meaning of life. The purpose we play in this world is to compete, to fight individually to the brink of madness, and in the end we will find that goal we’ve been working so hard to achieve just so we could enter adulthood and begin a stable life. It’s every man for himself out there.

“This world is merciless, and it is also beautiful.”

Merciless is reality. Beautiful is the illusion.




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