An Unopened Valentine’s Box Opened: Tet Festival

Tet Festival Memory #1

Yesterday was one of the days that Tet Festival was being celebrated at Mile Square Park. It was a benefit for us because our family actually just walked there instead of taking a car with us and experience the trouble of finding a parking spot.

But that’s not why I’m talking about this. Tet Festival brought my family together as a whole, which was something we haven’t done in a long time. It was a time for all of us to hang out and enjoy each other’s company. Not to mention also get our exercise going!

I’ve realized along the way as we walked that my life may not be perfect. My dad’s not here with us, we’ve faced trials and difficulties before we moved here in this wonderful city, and I’m in a constant battle with school and of course falling in love; however, it’s the little things we hold onto and treasure the most. Family time made me realize that. Soon, I might not even be able to experience that wonderful feeling in the future.

Family time equals memories. And to me, memories are those little things that make me want to enjoy life no matter what. Not to mention, it was our first time attending that festival.

Therefore, it was kind of an unopened valentine’s box that’s finally been opened. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Food was everywhere! And so were the number of Vietnamese people!! 
Mile Square Park makes me want to look up and admire nature’s beauty even more.
Beef Cheese Quesadilla for my mom, popcorn chicken for my younger sister, pork skewer and fried rice for me, and everything for my baby sister.
There were families and close friends hanging out. Normally in places like these, I would be with my friends but because it was family time, it made the whole thing even more special.


In truth, I was freaking out because the majority of the food stands were Vietnamese and so I couldn’t really pick which one I wanted to eat. I spent a lot of time walking around, sticking my nose in each food stand to find out what they’re selling and pray that some of the words were English. But the only ones I could recognize by picture were vegetable wraps, Pho, and a green colored waffle. 

Tet Festival Memory #2


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