Nothing Like Us (short story)

There’s nothing like us. There’s nothing like you and me.

Together  through the storm.

There’s nothing like us. There’s nothing like you and me. Together.


A spark of firework ignited in my heart and the world stopped its turning, leaving only him and me in the middle of a cool, winter season of December outside NLU Prep. I, whose lips have been caressed like the gentle stroke on a skin, and he with the lips of softness as if a feather has been brushed against my own, looked at me intensely.

A beating heart, keeping me close to his warm and very securing embrace and caring gaze- love, joy, and sadness. Mixed emotions,  like puzzle pieces fitting together, are giving me an image of what it is our future will look like from now on.

But I wonder just how long we will last…

“I’ve always been meaning to say this but…” He looked at me with such longing eyes as he bends down on one knee on the cold, cement steps of the school with his friends watching us from the sidelines, holding their thumbs up towards us. He noticed them and couldn’t help but release a deep chuckle from his lips; the same one that caught my attention in the very beginning on these same steps. The first day of high school. He looked, I turned away and later on we were talking about our favorite hobbies.

I put my shaking hands on top of my mouth, the feeling of excitement and the rush of adrenaline going through my veins, the power of a beating hard as if the world has turned around faster and faster, the acceleration of the orchestra’s making its crescendo, accelerating higher and higher. My muscles have become immovable at the sight of him looking at me as he got out the box. The small, velvet colored box that gleamed its surface as the sun’s small glare had hit it from the coverage of the heavy winter clouds.

He was smiling. He has captured me, my everything and especially my beating heart. And I, muted not smiling, there I was standing with tears slowly making their way to my soft rosy cheeks that I do not know whether it was from the cold weather or because of this moment.

He opened the cover of the box, slowly as I could see as well his hands were shaking bound to what my answer was going to be as the moment has still yet to reach its crescendo. The orchestra has only played the strings while the wind instruments made way by playing their notes softer. He parted his lips and said the very words I thought I would never hear him say from him. After the moments we’ve been through; the hardships, as if squeezing against a tight crevice trying to exit out, had suffocated the breath out of me. Him who I watched leave and he who watched me leave through the door, slammed it closed and was on the verge of ending all of this so-called “fairy tale”. There were times when I asked myself what I would get out of this relationship, and there were also events where I doubted whether he will ever come back or he will still stay by my side.

Though now, all of that I want to put on a pause. For when he asked me the words, I’ve finally made out of the crevice and ready to begin the next journey with him with even more tighter crevices to squeeze through. He is with me and I with him.

And therefore, as the orchestra has reached it the tunes combined together: the winds with the strings, the pounding of the drums dum dum dum, everything in perfect harmonization, I looked at his eyes asking myself in my head how long will we last?

Well the perfect answer for that is as long as he will be here, as long as I am there, then wouldn’t it be exciting to start that journey to find out? Though in all truth as I watched him carefully put the ring on my fore finger, the answer really is that I love him and he loves me.

Cover: Nothing Like Us Justin Bieber by Jungkook from BTS

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