How to Draw a Rose the Easy Way

Used to show passion and love and known as a symbol of beauty, roses has been considered special and beautiful throughout history. Greek and Roman festivals included roses and Egyptian tombs were found with rose-like wreaths. Cleopatra even had her home overflowed with rose petals to remind Marc Antony of her every time he saw a rose.

Rose Flower

I am going to show you how to draw a simple rose. At first glance at the seemingly infinite amount of petals, it may seem intimidating to draw and replicate. Everything takes practice and skill, and drawing realism and still life is just another one of them. It takes time to reach the level of delicate details and strokes of the pencil, but I’m just going to introduce a simple and easy way to draw a rose. Let’s begin!

Step 1: Draw a swirl as shown below. This will be the top part of your rose.


Step 2: Underneath the swirl, make an upside-down bell shape. This will be the base of the rose.


Step 3: Starting from the left end point of the base, draw a line to the bottom of the base.


Step 4: Draw four lines from the swirl down to the base. Add little curves to make it look a little more detailed.


Step 5: Now we are going to focus on the outside petals.


Step 6: To show the sepal of the rose, draw a curve at the bottom of the flower as shown  below. Next, draw a moon-shape hugging the base of the rose and fill it all in.


Step 7: Draw in the stem and leaves to finish it off!


Here is the final product! I added a little color to make it pop out. Since roses seem very complicated and difficult to draw, I broke it down into a few steps. I hoped you enjoyed this tutorial and expect more in the future!


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