Being Free Along the Beach


“A friend is someone with whom you dare to be yourself.” -Frank Crane

My friends know that I am weird, outgoing, very different from the rest. Well, that’s because it’s me. Being weird is normal. There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of randomness in life.

Why am I like this?

Oh, that’s simple.

I love making my friends and everyone around me smile. I dare to be different once you get to know me. And I can just say, once that time comes, there will be no going back to what you consider “normal”.

It delights me truly that whenever I’m out with my friends, I can be myself. Being cooped up in the house just screams RESPONSIBILITY, CHORES, SCHOOL, GRADES, HOMEWORK! And I’m constantly bombarded, not to mention also that we rarely go out. Whenever I show my true self at home, even just being random, I’m judged at. It’s weird! I mean come on, just because I’m on the pathway to adulthood doesn’t mean I’ll be the boring, big sister who only focuses on school.

It’s called balancing my life with fun so that I don’t go insane! So yes, to my friends and almost anyone who can bear with my hyper, bubbly, also split personalities, I love you all. And to anyone out there who constantly have to think twice about showing their true selves around people, don’t be scared! Go nuts! Trust me, it’ll be scary at first, but once you find common interests, eventually the other person will go nuts along with you.

Just be random!


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