My Type of Guilty Pleasure

I’m known to eat a lot. And I’m mostly into sweets rather than savory because sweets help me take my mind off of things. Not just ANY sweets. Ice cream, mocha and seldom donuts help my brain shut off for a little while and let me enjoy the sweetness.

This is my guilty pleasure.

Or rather, my type of guilty pleasure.

My friends would always mention that I eat a lot. I don’t mind hearing it, but seriously? Let me have my moments with my sweeties. Let me ravish them, let me appreciate the labels outside and know that what really counts is what’s inside. The taste, the texture, that food orgasm I know I’m going to have later on.

Wait what?

Yes. That’s just me. I get food orgasms, and sure as heck, there are people out there too who close their eyes as they chew on the food and let out a deep groan or moan.

I know I eat a lot. But your commentary of telling me that I do, I don’t need that. I don’t need you to tell me that I do because my brain is going to stop thinking about the food, it will literally crank itself backwards, make me think that I’m FAT and I need to lose weight.

Thus, with those 4 simple, unneeded words “You eat a lot”, you would’ve already had me divorced with my sweeties and force marry myself to exercise and diet. DOES THAT MAKE SENSE? No, I don’t think so.

So let me enjoy my guilty pleasure, sweetheart. Let me just… Just eat it all. And you be quiet.


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