Tonight’s Dinner: Something New?


Dinner? No problem. After switching from Italian to Korean, to Denny’s to IHOP, and then to Filipino, my family and I have decided to go with Japanese this time.

Now, I’m not going to lie when I say this but my mom actually doesn’t like Japanese food. She’s so-so about it. Sushi? Nope, not really her thing.

So it delighted me when she finally stood up and announced to all of us that we were going to get Japanese for dinner. And sure enough, approximately three miles from us, there stood Kappo Honda, one of THE best Japanese restaurants we have ever been in.

Seeing my mom try new things really did make me smile since I’m a huge advocate of anything Japanese basically. And everyone knows I’m quite a consumer of food, so Japanese food? Yes, I will eat all of it literally.

Maybe not. It could just be the selected few, nonetheless, I love sushi, chicken teriyaki, tempura and most important of all: miso soup. Watching my mom eat sushi with a happy face and also her own set of a tray with varieties like the ginger pork and tempura, it just brightened my day.

So from now on, we will eat Japanese food if we ever run out of ideas on what to eat!




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