Girls, Women & Gender Equality


Sex traffickers use ways to condition their victims in order to control and force them to be submissive under their will. And on this topic, the main targets are my gender: women.

It’s almost often overlooked by us, who are so privileged in many ways, that there are other situations where we have to be thankful for we’re not in. The women out there are caged. We tend to complain about little things such as the need/want to go out with friends on a Saturday night when there are women out there, especially young girls, who are forced to go out on a Saturday night to stand outside and sell themselves for prostitution.

There are many of us who complain about how education stinks, we have too much homework, our teachers are mean, etc. when there are women out there who would do anything to get an education. Girls, in as early as 12 years old, are forced to be married and have multiple children by the time she was 15.

At 15 years, can you imagine that? As a girl, her body is not ready yet for any suffering of labor or least carrying a baby. Then after the husband is done with her body, the girl is then forced yet again to be a prostitute to earn money.

If one could look at it in a bigger picture, our complaints, especially about how the politics in America are looking dark, there’s this ongoing dilemma that’s been happening for a really long time now that’s not yet been solved.

The main question is: What can we do to help with this current situation?

What can we do, as a community, as a country, or as little as a group, to spread the word and help reach out to other parts of the world such as Nepal, Africa, etc. where both education and discrimination against women come together as one and are making such a negative impact in the streets?

Women have voices. But they are often overshadowed by their society’s so-called “traditional values” that are in store for them. Prostitution, limitation on education, forced to stay home and take care of the kids. Women have voices though. It’s time to let them be heard.

I want to leave you, dear reader, with two questions: “If not me, then who? If not now, then when?”

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