Disappointments have Happy Endings


Yesterday, two of my friends and I went to Universal Studios in Hollywood. To be quite honest, we had a bad start.

My friend, Christine and I have been talking about going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter for some time and we were really excited about trying the Butterbeer, seeing the layout of Hogsmeade and most important of all, to ride the Forbidden Journey. The Forbidden Journey takes place inside Hogwarts so yesterday, we had a mini tour of the layout of the castle.

I have to admit my jaw was dropped as we enter different sections of the castle, following the crowd of line towards the ride. The construction workers did a fantastic job hitting all the key points of the castle. There were paintings moving and talking, the statues that were often seen in the movies were included, especially Dumbledore’s eagle. We even got to see some of the rooms such as the Defense Against the Dark Arts and Dumbledore’s office.

What made me even more ecstatic were the holograms of Harry, Ron, and Hermione talking to us in the Defense Against the Dark Arts and Dumbledore in his office, all four of them giving us little intros.

Now, all of that was amazing. Believe me, even my friends could see my inner geekiness was out the entire time, pointing out who’s who, which is which, etc. The waiting time, however, was the epitome of madness for the three of us.

Before we entered, the sign that told us the waiting time for the ride was forty minutes. Well, I thought to myself, “That’s not bad”. My two other friends were just neutral but they wanted to go as well. So we went and we fell in line along with the rest. Every step I took, my breath was hitching and my heart was racing. I didn’t know what was going to be in store for me.

I’ve only seen the “preview” of the rides through Youtube videos and I could already tell I was not only going to enjoy it but maybe even scream a little. Once we entered through each room, we had finally reached the very end of the line where it’s going to lead us to the rides. This is the part where I got really really really disappointed about the whole thing.

Unfortunately, something had happened to the ride and every single one of us, in this one tiny room where it would eventually lead us to the ride, were waiting for at least almost an hour. No one was moving, or rather anyone was barely moving forward. This was for almost an hour. And when we finally moved at least a few steps, the workers in their Hogwarts uniforms began telling us that it would be at least 20 more minutes and added that if there are any of us who want to leave, there’s an exit next to them.

As soon as that announcement had been shouted out, suddenly people were leaving the line. I was bummed out. Whilst watching every single person leave along with their groups, my heart was breaking. I watched my friend who kept on checking his phone for the time and Christine just neutral, but I could tell she no longer had that excitement glowing on her face.

This was where I decided we leave the line as well. I was really really sad. We got out of the line, leaving the only ride I was looking forward to for a long time and the only reason why the three of us had bought $129 worth of day/night combo ticket. I felt like crying. I was really looking forward to it. As we left and made our way back to Hogsmeade, Christine asked me if I wanted butterbeer. My other friend told me to cheer up as he gave me a warm hug. I watched the two of them and smiled a little.

In all honesty what would I do without them? In the end, I was treated to a butterbeer, which was alright but wouldn’t really recommend it, and I got to watch the Hogwarts choir perform with frogs. I smiled while I watched, with my hands wrapped around the butterbeer. I looked back at the castle and decided maybe this day wouldn’t be so bad. There’s still the Halloween Horror Nights to look forward to.

Maybe everything will be fine.

And I was right.

(picture taken at Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights Bates Motel with the Psycho. From left to right: Will, me, and Christine)

(featured image of the blog was taken at Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights Springfield by the taco truck and Luigi’s Pizza and Pasta.)

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