So the Jabbawockeez Performed…


Finale of the Jabbawockeez performance taken at Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights 


This is just going to be a quick rant on how Jabbawockeez killed it last night. Amazing dance moves, killer effects, moral of the story for their whole performance was something I would definitely carry with me throughout my life, and it was just a blast.

Yesterday night was actually my second time watching the Jabbawockeez perform at Universal Studios Hollywood. The first time, the crowd was sort of silent and not as rowdy as yesterday’s audience. So seeing them the second time with different groups of people who are actually into the music and beats Jabbawockeez perform to was livelier.

It’s so weird how I always question what do they really look like. Now of course I had to search that one up, but still before that, I questioned who are they behind the masks because seriously their performance made my night.

I was hooting along with the crowd, the music and beat drops were on sync with each move, and I was just sitting there with my jaw slightly dropped most of the time.

“The living dead is real. Choose life. Don’t be a zombie.” This was the message just bits of it that I remember put together. It just empowers me to be happy living and fulfilling my life to the fullest. And that no matter how much life pushes me down to the ground, I won’t be a living dead.

This is the main reason why I had to go see Jabbawockeez the second time last night. It’s not just about the performance they’re putting out there. Not just about the sweat that they pour into perfecting every move at the right timings. And especially not just about dancing. It’s about leaving the audience of all ages a message before we walk out of the room.

And that that message would be carried inside of us as a reminder through their performance to always choose life.

(Featured image is taken at Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights Jabawockeez Special Effects Show)

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