Kpop: Concepts and BTS


Let’s be honest here. If there’s one music genre that’s not only on the rise but also is still sort of underrated, it’s Korean pop music. Or otherwise known as Kpop. But why is it so?

Kpop was typically known to others as just Korean music. Korean music equals Korean words equal Korean artists and that’s it. So it might’ve occurred to some people it’s not that big of a deal. But in truth, Korean pop is actually more than that. It’s one of the genres that makes music video concepts not only unique but they’re the ones you’ve never seen before.

Music videos have these conceptual stories and so it’s not just singing. Well, America has that too right? Yes, that’s true, but with Kpop music videos, their goals are not only to reach out the media but also to be able to come up with scenes that represent the artist or the group that they’re capable of blending in their original taste in music with the rest of other genres.

Under Big Hit Entertainment lives and breathes the currently rising former rookie group BTS. It has seven members, each with their own styles that fit in perfect like puzzle pieces that make their group so unique.

dmdjlx tumblr_static_bts-k-pop-korean-kpop-favim-com-991193

tumblr_nzuiqjk7n51un7kspo2_500 95-bts-jh-jin-favim-com-4574320

These are just examples of how they have two sides: the weird and the hot. But then again, as I was saying, they all have unique specialties such as vocals, rappers, the face of the group, etc. that make up their group as a whole. BTS had recently made a return to the world of Kpop with their new song “Blood Sweat and Tears” that pretty much conveyed a whole new deeper meaning.

So what’s the big deal? Well, it’s not just any song that’s been stitched together. It’s actually all part of a process. Before the release of the music video, the group actually had put up previous short videos that eventually lead up to Blood Sweat and Tears. And these videos, also known as teasers, they had been built up from previous songs they released. So it’s almost like a series but of songs based off of a concept.

This is why I highly recommend listening to KPOP. It’s not just a world of Korean music, but also because of the unique concepts it has to give to the world. Blood Sweat and Tears alongside many other music videos of different artists in the same genre may not be on the same page. As in their songs are a compilation formed into a series but what’s in store for each music video just really brings out the group’s original concept that the members had built for it and also for themselves.



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