Life is Weirdly Amazing

Life is weirdly amazing.

The skies would open wide to greet me, and then there would be rain.

There would be sun shining, making sweat marks on my back and then there would be a sudden shroud of clouds covering the light.

I would go down the road to buy myself boba, and ended up being almost late for class.

I would tell myself that I am not good looking, and then my friends would actually compliment me and say that I am fabulous.

Life is weirdly amazing.

My mom would open up her laptop and would suddenly announce to everyone in the family about the menu she had found online and then it was sushi.

She told us that we would have take out instead.

I sat there and would’ve cried.

But then in the end we got to eat sushi in the restaurant instead.

I demolished it.

I devoured it.

The sushi.

Life is weirdly amazing.

It rained today as in actual rain coming down from the skies. I smiled.

Life is indeed weirdly amazing. img_3224

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