Still Falling For You

And just like that

All I breathe

All I feel

You are all for me

I’m in

And just like that

All I breathe

All I feel

You are all for me

No one can lift me, catch me the way that you do

I’m still falling for you.

Last year, I fell for a new artist, a British single artist named Ellie Goulding after she sung for Fifty Shades of Grey with her song Love Me Like You Do. Don’t get me wrong, but I watched the movie out of my own reasons and I personally liked it. Not because of the steamy, sex scenes but because I love the actor Jamie Dornan. His accent just makes me smile.

Anyways, so she has this song that I often listen to and it’s called Still Falling for You, used in the movie Bridget Jones’ Baby. And focusing on this particular section of the song, the chorus, the beat and melody to it mixed with her voice just immediately tug my heart. It makes me feel like I’m actually soaring and thinking about love.

It’s just that this is exactly how I feel every single day. When I see his face or his sweet messages, my heart just jumps and fast forwards to thoughts like “I can’t believe he’s mine.” or “I’m just really happy words aren’t able to convey it.” And this particular song was able to sing out my feelings for him.

It’s so cool how I was able to find a perfect song from me for him and to just listen to that every morning eventually set my day on a good tone, good start. However, when I find myself down, or that life just gets in the way of things, or something happened between the two of us, the song produces a different kind of emotion and I would flow tears from my eyes.

I guess I’m so fascinated about how captured I am to this song that it releases so many different emotions from my heart, even the ones I didn’t want anyone to see.

So definitely, this song is 10/10 and is usually on repeat on my playlist. No way am I ever getting tired of this song because now it’s more than a song. It’s about me and him.

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