Stress Level or just an Exaggeration?

Is there such thing as “stress level”? I know that it’s a term because often times I use it whenever I complain that I have a ton of homework on a school day, an exam or a quiz the next day (curse you calculus and biology!), and school starts at 8 in the morning.

I mean come on. Really? 8 in the morning. So what, teachers expect us to do our homework, complete it perfect or not to get the grade, read for English like 3 books a night and to annotate the pages because students know that this teacher might ask them as to why they annotated a certain line or phrase, eat dinner, and still somewhat manage to have a “5-minute break” at 12 in the morning, but in the end, turns out to actually be a “5-hour sleep”?

Oh, wait that’s right. The term actually exists. Many people may argue and I believe I may already know what that is: “Well, that means students should spend LESS time on facebook and other social media sites and MORE time on focusing on school.” or, “It’s called self-responsibility and direct learning.” Umm, hello? We know that. We know that as the bones of our fingers slowly shake and crack at the sudden fatality due to nonstop doing homework and the feeling of our head pounding like the drums from thinking too hard on how to solve a stupid problem for math.

But then again, is stress level a term that’s been exaggerated a little bit? There has to be a proper solution to this worldwide dilemma. And actually, that’s already been solved in the previous paragraph. It’s all about managing time and self-responsibility. And yeah, of course, self-directed learning is thrown in there too like a sprinkle of powdered sugar on top of dessert.

I’ve done it before and if you’re the type of person who wants sleep the next day, you’re going to have to make some sacrifices. It’s all about putting away the phone, laptop, and other tablets, setting yourself in a comfortable place to study and game on. It’s setting priorities straight before being able to indulge yourself in a place where you won’t be able to escape from your eyes give in to sleep and brain to la la land.

Last week, my friend Christine and I had a game to go to on Thursday (it was a good game but unfortunately, we lost) that evening from 7 to 9 in the evening. But what we noticed also was that there’s an upcoming biology exam on Friday and I also had US History assessment to take care of. So, we got our priorities straight. She and I decided to study together for biology that week and I to complete my studying and homework due on Friday for History. I remember studying from 9 PM-1:30 AM that Tuesday for biology while we were on Snapchat video call because we found it to be more convenient than Skype. By then, we were able to clear a whole chapter of bio studying, and three sections of the next chapter. How were we able to do it? Our strategy was self-directed learning for the most part. We read each section and was able to summarize the content to one another to not only show our own better understanding of the content but also to be able to summarize the section to the other person so that it would lessen that person’s work to read the section.

The next day, which was Wednesday, I had the usual homework schedule pack. As soon as school ended, I got to work right away staying after school until 5 something in the cold afternoon and managed to get the majority of the homework out of the way.

Then around 7PM or 8PM, my friend and I started studying and finished around 12 AM because unfortunately, I had to take care of my baby sister at the same time (I know it was the worst timing to ever put a kid to sleep but I just had to). Then I managed to have 3 hours of sleep and finished around 6 AM on my History homework that’s due Friday.

My stress level lessened by the time Thursday hit because, during that game, my friend and I absolutely were dead tired. But the truth is, we didn’t feel bad about it or anything. Sure we thought of ourselves as crazy, but we mentioned to each other how relieved we felt after all that studying because our stress levels were below negative.

Did it help? I am somewhat of a risk taker when it comes to getting something done immediately and sacrificing sleep so of course, it’s a win-lose situation. You win extra sleep the next day and lose sleep on the day you were doing all those things. The main goal of that week was to get everything done due Friday even if it’s just 3 hours before the game because she and I both knew very well that after that event, we were going to go home dead tired and would not have enough strength to even stay up for another how many hours.

So was it just an exaggeration then? Stress level depends on upon a student’s performance. If a student is able to manage all the work done before drowning into the world of fun, then there’s no need for a stress level at all. In fact, one is able to notice that when he or she is able to breathe at a good pace and still have time to go on the Facebook news feed or Instagram or Twitter or watch movies. It will only be an exaggeration if all those things are left alone until the day before to do and you had all this time that week to do it. At least, that’s how it was for me and my friend.

Like my mom said, “Well, honey that’s how it is. You’re going to have to make sacrifices.” And sacrifices I shall make! Try alternating your schedule if you could and see if that helps. And yes that includes putting away anything that will distract you. One thing that you should keep in mind is that you’ll have time to do all of that once your stuff is finished anyways! And plenty of time!

Yes, I’m tired. I should sleep soon.


(this was taken after the bio test. Curse that bio test!)

(featured image was taken at Westminster High School)


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