Meet, Record, Listen

It’s not just about engaging with one’s life. It’s about being able to listen and preserve that life through a record that would one day be able to be heard for the rest of the world. It’s this silent spark that is able to grasp into people’s hearts through a voice note. Be it for entertainment purposes or something life changing, that record holds a memory that one will never forget.

It was last week when my English class was assigned a mini project and it was to hold an interview one-on-one with a close family member who is able to tell stories of our chosen topic. I decided to break that and asked one of my friend’s teacher, Ms. M. I personally don’t know how to handle an interview with someone whom I am not familiar with at all. At first, I was nervous because I just, I didn’t know who she was.

But through her story, which in this case I picked the topic romance, it was incredibly sweet. In short, she experienced ups and downs during her high school relationships. In fact, it was almost as if, when I was listening, I was engaged and have become one with that story. It was very interesting to hear adults’ high school relationships because I know for one, high school towards college are the years when relationships begin to grow.

After listening and recording her stories, I realized that Ms. M was actually a pretty chill teacher. Like how my friend would put it, “She’s sometimes crazy!” But, overall, it gave me that new feeling as if I had just stepped outside her romance world and I craved for more engaging love stories. That is, after all, the genre I am into the most. And I am glad I was able to preserve those precious memories through a record.




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