Finals: Is it Really Necessary? [pt. 1]


Finals. It is that time of the year again when teachers are assigned to give their students a big summarization test of what the youngsters know from what they learned so far through the year. And I’m sure, like many of us, students crammed all that knowledge back in their minds the night before. But, just as the majority of us students submit to the very power of what the finals have on our grades, 50 chance of passing 50 chance of failing, we also question our heightened curiosity as years gone by, as CSTs dwindled and Common Core entered, as AP testings sprung up in new versions along with SATs and ACTs: “Are finals even necessary?”


Why do we have finals? As a student, I fully question that. Finals, if I could put it in a simple way, it’s just exams that contains various questions from the past chapter tests all combined into a single packet that required a student to try and complete within the two hours given for that subject. Finals, if I could it in another way, are a summary of what we learned so far, except a bit more challenging. I can’t help but find icky sometimes. Just why do we have finals? Throughout the year, our subjects are divided into chapters and sections. And after each chapter, we take a test. Or after each section or a couple of sections, we take a quiz. All I know is that the scores count in the gradebook and the gradebook sets a student’s fate, whether he or she will fall or rise. But, if we had already learned the content, and took assessments on them, then aren’t finals not really needed?


I don’t get why teachers have to give to their students tests after tests after tests just to guarantee our high school graduation and the possibilities of being accepted to colleges/universities. Just us taking normal tests throughout the year and quizzes on top of that, I believe is enough.
[Part one of two ]


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