What’s That? Wattpad

As an AP student and the eldest of three, it’s pretty difficult to find free time to read. And not read as in “assigned” reading, but something I get to enjoy as well as on the go. “Go use your phone,” my mom would say, “And find books online.” Time has progressed so far that everything transitioned to the usage of electronics and going digital instead of raw. And I think that’s one of the advantages of having a phone. Downloading apps to the point of my GB would soon drain, but that’s not exactly where I’m going to go with this. If you haven’t heard of it yet, I absolutely am in love with Wattpad. Wattpad is this app that lets you write stories, follow famous writers on the site, read a ton of stories, and interact with other people. With it, I’m never exactly bored and if I have to be honest, it’s addicting as well. Whenever I have free time at school, that’s where I usually go to on my phone rather than the social media. I read anything romance and one-shot (short stories that end in one or two chapters) and Wattpad gives me endless recommendations to the point where just focusing on homework was just not possible! Although it does contain R-rated stories, authors usually put a warning sign in the front to caution younger readers that the story is not appropriate for them. All in all, Wattpad is an enjoyable app to use if you want to read something on the go and is within the palm of your hand. Personally, it saves one’s time from having to worry about misplacing a hard copy of a book or the action of carrying it everywhere. And also, it’s all about adapting in this generation that’s active with the usage of electronics and the downloading of endless apps to make their days. Sorry it’s a bit short but Wattpad, a definite recommending app for everyone who’s a bookworm.


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