Instagram Post: The Great Gatsby


“She wanted her life shaped now, immediately-and the decision must be made by some force-of love, of money, of unquestionable practicality-that was close at hand.” (pg. 151) In this portrait, I noticed that the woman looked as if she had a tired, blue eyed fixture gaze out somewhere else while her husband is looking straight at the camera serious and firm. How this relates to the quote provided was that Daisy had this sense of longing as well. Daisy wanted Gatsby to come back to her arms while he was away at Oxford fighting war. Daisy missed him and it was to the point where she eventually got tired of waiting. But before that, I could imagine her pain and longing when she’s staring away somewhere else just like the woman in the picture while Gatsby is fighting in the war, just like the husband in the picture. This painting was actually during the 1930s, and in this time of era, men were the ones that are carrying on the family. The one to have control and the one who gets to do what they want or believed was good for the society. And like Gatsby away for the war for his country, the husband in the picture looks like he works the majority of the time to provide for his family. Perhaps in both the quote and the painting, it’s the sense of longing that connects them two together. A woman’s longing for their lover to come back from work. And eventually, that longing will turn to something else, and it’s the longing of being free from that lonely position in search of someone else who will stay with them forever.”

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