My Opinion on the Notes on the Upper Muddle


After reading The Notes on the Upper Muddle, I realized that on bigger speculation that our society is divided into a hierarchy, and has been that way for a long time already. It’s true that you have the pyramid constructed in three parts: the wealthy, the middle, and the poor. And it has been like that since back in history actually all over the globe, not just the US. But it has also occurred to me that people depend on money like how they depend on appetite. The more you have, the more you want. And that alone tells you where you are on the pyramid in a simple equation.

Money + Money = rich

Money – Money = poor

Money + Money – Money = middle

Where society puts a person on a scale, it always feels good to find oneself in the higher small chunk of the pyramid where no one, not even your neighbor, could touch you. And it’s saddening really because, in my head, it looks like a fat man with a neverending appetite for money. Without money, it’s a live bomb of madness ready to explode. Being rich means also that you have a good career, one that, exaggeratingly, provides you with a hefty income of what a million dollars a year?

But if I could put my opinion into this, I learned something from my pastor who recently got in touch with the topic of “How to Be Rich”. And he said that if you are making 50,000 dollars a year, you are in the top 1% of the wealthiest people in America. $25,000 and you are in the top 10%. At first, not a lot of you may believe that because the amount, to a few whom, might have this same thought, is that it’s not enough. I’m still living under the same roof making the same damn amount of money but never progressing.

I think it’s about positivism and the effect, which is the success, that gets people thinking more about that title of being rich if you’re making $25-$50,000 a year. Not a lot of people may think of it actually. It’s all about making more and more until that certain goal of close to a million dollars is reached is when one thinks of themselves rich. I guess to me, it’s all about not depending on money but depending on faith.

It’s all about looking ahead and having the will to accept where we are at the moment and then motivate ourselves, if not satisfied, to do better and better. It’s about moving forward and being happy with what we are doing. As a student, I may not know much about this yet. The struggles of being in the bottom and making my way on top. But my mom, who makes a whopping $100,000 something a year, I think I consider myself already extra rich. Though I understand that the majority goes to the house, our bills in general, I’m already aware that we are middle class.

But I never really considered about being rich or anything. My mother always tells me to have faith in God and when we place our faith in God, then nothing else really matters. Money wise, we have experienced hardship and she alone provides all the necessities and doing all the paying. But I never really thought pity about myself because of faith.


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