Read It and Fix It


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Processed with MOLDIV

I believe that everyone, no matter who they are if they had spent their time serving in school or currently are, and have been well-taught, well-read by school teachers who work so hard to teach their students the knowledge and skill of writing and be able to apply that to their daily basis, spelling and grammatical errors shouldn’t occur once or twice or however many times. I think that’s a bad habit of not carrying on what we were taught as students as life moves on. I find it so strange that Donald Trump doesn’t realize that with his tweets which he’s known famously for other than a president and among many other things.

If anything, it’s kind of like an employer who didn’t even bother to read the resumé the job applicant presented and just said, “You’re now the new manager of this whole business. I’ll leave everything in your hands! You’re hired!” And that’s just the very opposite of how Donald Trump should react to his own self. It’s supposed to be, “You’re fired!” for making simple grammatical error mistakes and also spelling. Just spelling! Errors like these even define who he is because he’s our president. Perhaps he should download Grammarly on his phone so that no mistakes like these happen again.

And it even has its own app. So maybe next time, our dear president if he wants to say something and he’s not sure whether he’s correct with the word or not (pretty sure he has a cocky side where he’ll just put something and assume that something is correct anyways), I would highly suggest to download that app, and type up what he says on it before posting it on his Twitter.

Come on, it even offers some twenty dollars or something premium that includes more than just a spelling check but also suggestions on more vocabulary words to use and others as well that they have down the list. I’m sure he’s able to spend a little amount of that small loan of a million dollars for something that will surely change his habits of tweeting with errors on it. And maybe even help him with his future speeches instead of repeating the same word over and over again to exaggerate on the point and gain more support because let me tell you, we get it already damn.

PS: there’s also autocorrect just saying.

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