Old-School Media Exists

File_000“…we shouldn’t hesitate to look towards old media as a way to alleviate our anxieties about online communication.”

Zines, a new form of communicating with the outside world and other people, has forever changed the way we look at things. It’s also now considered a loophole to those who don’t want to be held in chains by the media’s tracking device: IP Address. All your secrets, should you wish to still alleviate them from time to time as a form of recuperating and withholding the balance of your yin and yang, could now be embodied in a physical, magazine, book type where one’s strengths in creativity and writing are all brought to life.

Zines are also accessible to people who either have connections with those who had found them in the beginning or those who published them. It’s great actually, that society has found another way, besides online media to seek refuge from, from boredom. And on top of that, it allows this communication to spark from one community to another, and be able to share their thoughts, ideas, through zines. The powerful effect of this cause is that people are motivated to also come up with their own ideas, their own creativity, and be able to echo them through the underrated trend of zines.

And it doesn’t take much. If a person has a spare time, probably a few hours or so, a printer, and a whole lot of ideas to contribute to society, you’re a whole package of what a zine author/self-publisher is. And kudos to you, you’re a rebel. Yes, a rebel. Say what? Our society has reached to us through social media, and we don’t even know sometimes whether the facts are real or not. It’s so quick. And yes, that’s a pro, that we don’t have to go through all the trouble of going through the newspapers and actually read the events on paper when we have the internet and “sharing” to resort to for facts. But it’s a con.

Social media is so advanced and everyone has access to that it’s so easy to hack a site, change up the news, and produce it again indirectly through for everyone to read. So why not be a rebel and unplug oneself from all that media-based facts and actually go through the newspapers, and then form your opinions? And better yet, show your creativity through zine. This is the old-school media we’re talking about. And becoming a zine publisher/author yourself, you’re this society’s rebel.


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