The Desperation of Farmers: Raise the Wages, Raise the Stakes


File_000 (2)
Random photo- taken by Hannah Cruz


California is known for its oranges and grapes, and the alterations towards nut trees when everything is at its most downside of things. Farmers uphold their thousands upon thousands of acres with dignity and pride that they were able to manage this far with their businesses of selling grapes for the winery. But, it won’t be the same anymore. Desperation for success, raising the wages for the risk, and stakes for defining results, farmers will do everything they have to in order to survive another season with wage earnings to support their families and their employees’ families. Or whatever’s left of them.

A farmer of such would be the fourth generation, Jeff Klein. He was known for his grape produces in his acres of the farm. Now because of the shortage of employees who were willing to work for his farm, he decided to make an ultimate decision of cutting back all of the grapes just so he could turn to something else to plant and also machinery to make a profit.

I found it quite interesting how this article relates so much to the Grapes of Wrath. You see, it’s kind of parallel, going to opposite ways. In the book, Steinback portrays the desperation of the farmers by giving up all they have to move west due to the losses of their homes to the machinery taking over. Meanwhile, in the article, the farmer’s desperation of newly hired workers to work on their farms soon turn to machinery to make progress in his lands just so he could make money in order to survive a thriving business.

In reality, we need farming to thrive. Someone from our class stated that we need farming in order to survive. It serves as the main foundation of our country and our diet. Without all the fresh vegetables and animals that are being sold in the grocery stores, then we’d starve. A lot of people look down upon farming as something that’s not “professional” hence it doesn’t attract future generations. But, working at a farm is equivalent to someone in an office, you know? It’s hard work.


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