About Us

Think of it this way: it’s a nice day, there’s a fairly cool breeze outside, perfect weather for some cool boba milk tea and perhaps the gazing of the clouds or just your surroundings.

“Ah! The sweet taste of refreshment and some beautiful sights!”

Hello there. Are you new here? If you are, we’re excited to have you then! Oh where are our introductions?! Welcome to our blog website artandboba where we just talk about random events of the day, what captivates us, what makes us enjoy life, and more. Nothing too serious. Our main goal is to just put out something for everyone to enjoy reading and perhaps something they can relate to. Trust us, there could be a lot. We’re just a two-man team of high schoolers who see the world mostly the same way as other high schoolers do. So hopefully our blogs help you make your day and just relax, keep calm, and live life to the fullest!

-hanabanaboba and magentable


hanabanaboba (Hannah)hannah chibi

My name is Hannah, your typical Asian girl who’s ultra smart in math- ok what am I saying. I’m into writing stories that are from my own imagination, especially when it comes to the genres romance and high school life. Those are what I consider my fortes after all. Reading both young adult books and manga of those particular genres is also one of my beloved hobbies discovered in junior high and also of course, drinking boba! Even though I’m still improving in my own writing, considering that it is what my life is into, all I really want is for my stories to be seen no matter how they turn out to be. Hopefully I can bloom wildly and start leaving people in awe as to what this girl, whose first language wasn’t English, can accomplish in writing.


magentable (Christina)magenta chibi 2

Hey! I’m Christina! I’m not a fabulous writer like our friend Hannah over here… but I put the “art” in “Art and Boba!” Although I’ve only but seriously drawing for about two years and still learning lots, do expect some illustrations and tips on how to become a better artist. Inspiring other people is definitely a yes! I’m also into reading; my favorite genre being YA novels. I also will often diverge from the topic of art and write about whatever’s on my mind. You’ll see little snippets of my life on here, but until next time! Thanks for stopping by~

(And for the LOL’s)



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