This painting is by Sharon Cummings and what intrigued me with this painting is how for some reason, I’m getting an image of fire and life in this. Fire is the red surrounding, almost shrouding the sky with this red color. The tree, obviously is what represents life on this canvas, is slowly dying. But, … More Rebirth


I love this painting. Its vibrancy, the use of bright and dark colors combined together to create that perfect shade and tone of nighttime with lamps on the sidewalk. And also how it looks like it’s rain because of the concrete ground being shiny and wet almost. It gives me a sense of calmness and … More Radiance

The Art of Improving

Drifting into a surreal world, a focus of lines and color, imagination and emotion… Letting myself to dissolve into the motion of a stylus: dancing, frolicking, battling against a canvas of whatever world of imaginative chaos I let myself into… it turns into wonder, frustration, compromise. A battle between me and the artwork… Nearly two … More The Art of Improving