A Friend

    What would I ever give for something to take myself away from reality just for a little? Nothing much. As the year closes almost and another will start, I begin to think about how much I’ve really grown. Not everything is perfect, and not everything has to. I’ve made mistakes, and I’m still … More A Friend

Read It and Fix It

  I believe that everyone, no matter who they are if they had spent their time serving in school or currently are, and have been well-taught, well-read by school teachers who work so hard to teach their students the knowledge and skill of writing and be able to apply that to their daily basis, spelling … More Read It and Fix It

The North Dakota Protest: It is a Freedom of Speech

“When you have that many people engaged in that kind of behavior, inciting others to break the law, cheering others on as they do break the law, refusing to leave when they’re asked to leave, that’s not a protest,” Laney said at a recent news conference. If it’s not a protest, then surely it must … More The North Dakota Protest: It is a Freedom of Speech