What is My Purpose? (Beware it’s long & random title)

English is not my best subject. I don’t consider it so and I don’t think it’s an area that I will tend to stick with permanently. When I first took AP English, I knew that that was what I wanted to take. There were no second thoughts, no negative speculation on it because it’s AP, … More What is My Purpose? (Beware it’s long & random title)

Read It and Fix It

  I believe that everyone, no matter who they are if they had spent their time serving in school or currently are, and have been well-taught, well-read by school teachers who work so hard to teach their students the knowledge and skill of writing and be able to apply that to their daily basis, spelling … More Read It and Fix It


Over the past couple of years, I’ve been noticing more and more things about myself. Not only did I realize more of my physical strengths and weaknesses, I had set up a set of mind that resulted from what I’ve experienced from the past years. I’m actually pretty emotional and anxious (surprise, surprise!), and it’s … More Forgiven

The Sky.

The Sky’s the Limit Have you noticed something lately? Something different that’s occurring right now while you’re reading this? If you haven’t been noticing it, you are in danger. Really. You are. They are coming for you and when they find you, the chances of you ever seeing the sky again are undeniably, unmistakably gone. … More The Sky.